The Story of Gathering Point Church

Gathering Point Church was birthed out of a home church. As the church prayed, God impressed on them His heart to reach hurt people. Though the home church was very comfortable doing church the way they were, they realized they were not reaching people for Christ and they knew God was calling them to something bigger. They felt compelled by God that He was asking them to plant a church.
The home church reached out to Grace Church of Greater Akron in Ohio and shared their heart, vision and passion to plant a church that made Jesus make sense to their community. After much time, prayer, and discussion, the elders of Grace Church voted to not only help the home church plant a church, but to make the church a full campus of Grace Church!

Gathering Point is proud to be a campus of Grace Church of Greater Akron, which has over 7,000 people and campuses in Ohio, Georgia and South Carolina. They are one church, by all definitions, but theĀ campuses function more like church plants. Their campus pastors preach and lead locally. Grace Church has a passion and heart to plant churches. Get more information about Grace Church of Greater Akron HERE.



Syriac Kinvi

Campus Pastor